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A portrait can be taken or created

A portrait doesn't have to be a portrait

Photography is personal

For me it is impossible to imagine a life without photography. I have been taking pictures since my father gave me his old Ilford Sportsman when I was eight years old. It was love at first sight but like with any relationship photography and I have had our quarrels. We never shouted at each other though. The disagreements we had were more lively debates in mutual respect rather than finger raising accusations. Over the years photography has taught me that if I want to master it I have to respect its power and listen to its magical chimes.

Technically there is no such thing as a good or a bad photograph. Any image created with the use of light is a photograph and therefore technically correct. Images or photographs can be aesthetically more or less pleasing or its content or subject can trigger a certain emotional reaction. When people refer to a photograph or any creative work for that matter as being good or bad, what they are actually referring to is their own personal emotional reaction to that work.

Heijo, Photographer 2020